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Protect Your Technology Investment

About Us
Do Diligence® Partners means know-how and a proven approach

Do Diligence® Partners, Inc. was founded in 1996 to help corporate management and investors improve their chances of success with technology investments. We've helped dozens of investors and corporations achieve success since then.

Effective technology evaluation demands a unique blend of investigative, management, team-building, and technical skills. Do Diligence® Partners, Inc. couples those skills with a time-tested Technology Due Diligence Methodology (SM) that emphasizes technical rigor and attention to detail. And, we provide Technology Improvement Assistance services to help maximize the value of your investments.

We know how to balance your need for speed and cost-efficiency against the importance of a complete, accurate picture. We know how to manage the technology evaluation process for maximum effectiveness. And, we know how to treat staff, customers, and delicate situations with care and complete confidentiality.

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