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Protect Your Technology Investment

Technology Improvement Assistance
A range of technology management and implementation services designed to strengthen software quality, delivery, maintenance and support through improvements in management, staffing, technical implementation, product delivery processes, and procedures. Specific services include: project planning and oversight, business process design and implementation, software design and implementation, management mentoring, temporary management of development, quality assurance, technical support, and product management, and recruiting assistance.

Intended for

  • Venture capitalists’ portfolio companies
  • Technology companies seeking funding or planning product spin-offs
  • Corporations “productizing” internally-developed applications

Value Proposition

  • Rapid remediation of critically deficient areas
  • Preparation for funding or acquisition initiatives
  • Leverage of specific skills and experience without diluting equity
  • Reduced personnel and organization-related risks


  • Organization assessment and restructuring recommendations
  • Personnel capability evaluation and position matching
  • Candidate search and evaluation
  • Product delivery process design and implementation
  • Temporary staffing of critical management positions


  • Varies widely with client needs and financial realities
  • Single mentor to multi-site, multi-person management teams
  • Highly flexible and customizable

See our Technology Improvement Assistance details page for more information on this service.
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