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Technology Improvement Assistance
As a result of our knowledge and extensive background in commercial and corporate software development, E-Business development, infrastructure services delivery, and general IT issues, we are often able to offer insightful and cost effective software delivery services to our customers. Additionally we provide implementation services for companies that have encountered difficulties with an implementation, or simply need general assistance in areas such as product management, organizational development, or processes and procedures improvement or development.

Technology Improvement Assistance Services are customized to meet the needs and budgets of the client, the project, and the investment or business situation. Do Diligence® Partners has extensive experience successfully delivering the highest quality while meeting tight time constraints.

Do Diligence® Partners provides Technology Improvement Assistance Services in several ways:
  • Project management. We work with client managers and staff to plan and staff projects, and regularly monitor progress to ensure high quality, on-time completion.
  • Project leadership. We take responsibility for delivery of management and technical projects staffed by client personnel (and Do Diligence® Partners staff, as needed).
  • Project ownership. We plan, implement, document, train, and turnover completed projects using Do Diligence® Partners’ managers and staff.
  • Project participation. We augment project staff to help complete critical projects on time and within budget.
  • Management mentoring and Team building. We counsel managers at all levels to accelerate their development into first-rate technology managers. We also assist organizations with team and culture development that will effectively support the needs of the business.

Do Diligence® Partners provides a complete range of Technology Improvement Assistance Services that includes:

  • Requirements definition and design services for software, infrastructure, and IT department projects
  • Software development management
  • Software product management
  • Software project management
  • Business process design and implementation
  • Back office solution design and implementation
  • Software process design and implementation
  • Customer services program design and implementation
  • Client Satisfaction program design and implementation
  • Quality Assurance program design and implementation
  • Executive consultation
  • Staffing assistance

Technology Improvement Assistance Services engagements range from a few days to months depending on circumstances.

Benefits Key benefits of a Do Diligence® Partners' Technology Improvement Assistance Services engagement include:

  • Reduced implementation time for critical projects
  • Solutions that balance state-of-the-art implementations with real-world experience to meet client requirements in the most cost-effective way
  • Frees client management and staff to focus on core responsibilities
  • Accelerated learning curve for managers and technologists based upon Do Diligence® Partners' real-world experiences at dozens of other companies
  • Well implemented and cost effective solutions resulting from Do Diligence® Partners' assignment of only highly skilled, experienced, and specialized staff
  • Eliminates the need to train staff or create specialized processes or procedures to resolve specific problems
  • 3rd party objectivity that results in apolitical, unemotional, and fact based results

Clients Users of Do Diligence® Partners' Technology Improvement Assistance Services are:

  • Emerging technology companies
  • Venture capitalists and other investors who want to ensure investment success
  • Software companies that need assistance managing their operations
  • Software companies that want to restructure or improve operations
  • Corporations seeking to get the most out of their IT investments

Examples Do Diligence® Partners’ Technology Improvement Assistance Services result in well-implemented and cost effective solutions. Technology Improvement Assistance Services we have provided include:

  • Integration planning in support of a $1B plus software company acquisition that resulted in an objective strategy for rationalizing similar products from each company’s product lines, and recommendations for an overall product framework that provided significant input for the overall product roadmap and a credible approach to the marketplace for current products.

  • Management mentoring and leadership for a large, multi-national ERP vendor that involved restructuring of the development, support, quality assurance, and product design groups, replacement of key managers and personnel, focusing the product development and delivery team on critical deliverables, and leading the management team in establishing a product delivery plan that reduced delivery time for the latest release of the flagship product by 9 months. This involved extensive work with the development and delivery team in India.

  • Management mentoring, Team building and Project leadership in the development of a detailed stabilization strategy for a critical software application that failed to meet user requirements and necessary quality standard

  • Project ownership of a comprehensive user and technology requirements design and database for a sophisticated Fortune 50 dealer sales and order system

  • Project leadership and Product participation in the planning and staffing of a Customer Assistance Center and the development of back office procedures for a b2b e-commerce provider

  • Interim Project management (9 months) of a $70 million infrastructure services delivery project with a very short startup schedule and impatient users

  • Project leadership and Product participation in the development of a quality control organization and procedures for a multi-national consulting firm

  • Project leadership and Project participation in the development of quality control procedures for a multi-national consulting firm

  • Project ownership for a series of phone and email surveys for an international consulting firm

  • Management mentoring and Project ownership of product management responsibilities for an emerging software company specializing in mortgage origination software

  • Project ownership for the development of a vendor evaluation methodology for a Fortune 50 equipment manufacturer
  • Product participation for the implementation of commercial software disciplines for the software delivery division of a Fortune 50 equipment manufacturer

  • Project management and Project participation for the implementation of commercial software product management procedures, a customer services organization, and systems management procedures for a provider of Y2K and legacy systems conversion software

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