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Protect Your Technology Investment

Technology Due Diligence
Objective assessments of the quality, durability, viability, and reliability of a target company’s software, services, methods, and personnel, and the satisfaction and intentions of its customers. Do Diligence® Partners prides itself on delivering the highest quality information while meeting the tight time constraints imposed on technology investment decisions.

Intended for

  • Technology companies contemplating acquisitions or partnerships
  • Venture capitalists and individual investors
  • Software companies reviewing product portfolios
  • Corporations assessing and redefining mission-critical applications

Value Proposition

  • Improved success rates
  • Shortened decision times
  • Strengthened negotiating positions that can translate into more favorable valuations
  • Reduced technology-related risks

  • Objective, unbiased analyses by industry experts
  • Comprehensive understanding of the target company's technology assets and intellectual property issues
  • Concise, actionable information with concrete recommendations focusing on people, processes, delivery and technology
  • Conveyed via Evaluation Review (phone), Formal Presentation or Written Report


  • Ranges from early-stage assessment briefs to comprehensive, in-depth investigations and analyses
  • Single location and investigator to multi-site evaluations utilizing several multi-person teams
  • Domestic and international evaluations (both developed and third-world countries)

See our Technology Due Diligence details page for more information on this service.
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