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Engagements for Companies

Investment firms and companies that need assistance in evaluating investments and implementing solutions engage Do Diligence® Partners. Here we highlight some of the engagements we've completed for Companies.

  1. Investigated known database issues, and evaluated software development staff capabilities, development organization, development methods, application architecture, data handling approach, database implementation, product scalability, and product performance for a software and ASP provider to the healthcare and health insurance industries. Identified short and long-term critical success factors for future software development activities.

  2. Reviewed target company's claim that their Electronic Benefits Transfer software was fully developed and functional by conducting a review of 175,000 lines of Java code. Also, commented on quality of development environment methods and testing.

  3. Facilitated development of a preliminary requirements specification for a new security software product by leading a focus group consisting of security, technology, software, marketing, and sales professionals, and executive management. The specification includes detailed product requirements and expected client benefits.

  4. Provided an in-depth evaluation of a web content management software company’s technology assets, including management, staff, and software, to help them direct their limited resources toward the most effective measures to ensure future success. Worked with the CEO and management team to design an effective technology organization, and an improved approach to product and project planning.

  5. Evaluated the management, staff, processes, tools and technology of a software services company whose focus is on providing programming design and implementation services to commercial customers.

  6. Provided an in-depth architecture, design, code, management, staff, and software practices review of a software company producing solutions that assist corporations in understanding, complying with, and reporting compliance with federal and state environmental regulations.

  7. Evaluated the software, technology management and staff, processes, and infrastructure of a company providing an innovative solution to the health care industry's costly and complex contracting process, with particular emphasis on evaluating use of the software platform as the basis for additional commercial product offerings.

  8. Evaluated the software quality and technology staff experience and expertise of a software company providing mobile OSS solutions to the telecommunications industry to facilitate increased levels of operational efficiency.

  9. Evaluated the IT department of the leading tour operator for middle school tours in the United States, focusing on the technology infrastructure, systems development, management and staff.

  10. Evaluated the technology management and staff, product architecture, design, and implementation, and technology processes of a software company with products that allow mobile professionals to communicate securely anytime, anywhere, over any network in real time with their corporate offices.

  11. Evaluated the product plans, staff, and processes of a software company developing state-of-the-art video compression software. Also provided a progress report based on the original investor evaluation, conducted 6 months earlier.

  12. Conducted an in-depth architecture and code review of a multi-tiered data storage service for large-scale, unstructured data. The application is written in JAVA and C++, running on Windows 2000 / NT and Linux. The evaluation included identification of the changes required to build a commercial software package from the hosted service offering.

  13. Evaluated the software quality, management and staff strengths, and methods used to develop and deliver software of a company producing commercial, real-time equity, power, and commodity trading systems.

  14. Conducted an in-depth evaluation of a health care software company’s staff, software products, systems management methods, and software development methods, including a detailed code review. Designed and implemented a product stabilization plan, and a restructure of the company’s approach to development and customer management.

  15. Helped build the support infrastructure, including the design of the help desk, back office procedures, and the user interface for a B2B Maritime Procurement Gateway that provides suppliers with ready market access, and buyers with an internet gateway for searching, selecting, and buying ship repair and replacement parts, equipment, and services.

  16. Developed and delivered a comprehensive software product requirements specification for a leading truck manufacturer’s sophisticated dealer sales system. The resulting specifications included a fully cross-referenced Requisite Pro® data base, and an electronic document resulting from research with dozens of corporate management and staff, the corporate IT department, and the entire dealer community. The finished product included more than 600 product requirements.

  17. Evaluated the software division and several departments within the IT organization of a major manufacturer. Made a series of critical "pay-back" recommendations for more effective delivery of services to end-users. Later assisted the software division with the design and implementation of standard commercial software practices.

  18. At the request of the North American division of a multi-national consulting firm, provided interim (9 months) management for a $70 million infrastructure services delivery project. Developed a comprehensive rollout plan for the day-to-day delivery of services and the development and implementation of all processes and procedures while a permanent management team was recruited and put in place.

  19. Assisted with the design and implementation of quality control procedures for the North American division of a multi-national consulting firm.

  20. Conducted a series of focus group interviews and a complex mail survey ballot of end-users to determine their functionality and features needs for a major manufacturer’s dealer software.

  21. Conducted a series of phone and email surveys for the North American division of a multi-national consulting firm to ensure that delivery service levels were being met and that end-user requirements were properly identified.

  22. Implemented a software product management program for an emerging software company that specializes in mortgage origination software.

  23. Conducted target company customer satisfaction surveys for a major consulting firm that was contemplating the acquisition of an ERP Systems implementation service provider.

  24. Conducted target company customer satisfaction surveys for a major consulting firm that was contemplating the acquisition an E-Business implementation services provider.

  25. Conducted a technology investment review of an E-Business Solutions Provider that supplies customizable portals to small to medium enterprises that integrate commercial and internal applications and support secure collaboration with external resources.

Would you like to know more? We’d be happy to put you in touch with our clients to give you a first hand account of how we’ve helped them protect their technology investment.

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