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Protect Your Technology Investment

Engagements for Investors and Private Equity Firms

Investors, Private Equity firms and Companies that need assistance in evaluating investments and implementing solutions engage Do Diligence® Partners. Here we highlight some of the engagements we’ve completed for Investors and Private Equity firms.

  1. Concurrently evaluated the software technology, technology organization, methods, and delivery plans for two wireless providers whose business models call for the delivery of content and enterprise applications to customers.

  2. Evaluated the staff, product architecture, systems management methods, and intended delivery approach for an emerging provider of managed network security services.

  3. Evaluated the technology infrastructure, staff, software development plans, and delivery approach for an emerging MSP in the network and enterprise applications management space.

  4. Evaluated the staff, architecture, implementation, and processes of a company producing a sophisticated video compression application that supports viewing "near-real-time" video over narrowband dialup.

  5. Analyzed the software technology, infrastructure, marketing, sales, business development plans, projections, and accomplishments of a company delivering multicast, high-bandwidth content over satellite to Internet Service Providers, thus bypassing the Internet backbone.

  6. Retained by the Principal of an international Venture Capital firm to moderate a technology roundtable discussing Scalability of Internet Applications with Chief Technology Officers from nine E-Commerce companies in the VC’s portfolio.

  7. Interviewed CIO’s and IT executives to determine their interest, attitudes and plans towards outsourcing network security management. Participants included technical experts and executives representing very large airlines, fast food companies, insurance providers, professional services firms, disaster recovery providers, and vehicle manufacturers.

  8. Evaluated a B2B provider of procurement and supply-chain management services, including strategic sourcing, supplier management, category management, buying operations, purchase order management, payment processing, and information services, for non-production goods and services using E-Commerce technology as a key enabler.

  9. Evaluated product designs, plans, organization, methods, operations, and offshore (India) software development activities for an emerging supply-chain management B2B that will provide services in the marine transportation logistics arena.

  10. Evaluated a B2B supply-chain management company focused on the semiconductor industry and several infrastructure and software outsourcers retained to deliver an integrated technology infrastructure to the company.

  11. Evaluated a B2B site that sells medical supplies to doctors and small hospitals and provides transaction-by-transaction EDI services for medical organizations that are too small to implement EDI on their own.

  12. Evaluated an international B2B foreign language translation auction services and software company to determine if the software products, software development management team, and planned delivery infrastructure were adequate for the long term.

  13. Evaluated a B2B Application Service Provider of small business services such as legal forms, business plans and government filings. The company is also a provider of statistical marketing information for small businesses.

  14. Evaluated a B2B provider of E-Commerce and related software for end-to-end Customer Resource Management (CRM).

  15. Evaluated a B2B provider of integration services and hosted applications that target key deficiencies in commercial product design, workflow management, fulfillment, supply chain management, and channel management solutions for multi-national corporations.

  16. Evaluated a provider of high-speed multimedia advertisements for web advertisers. This company also sells software to measure whether an advertisement is run in its entirety after it starts to load.

  17. Evaluated a B2B provider of Internet Initiated Telephony service offerings that support email initiated instant communications and web initiated, controlled, anonymous telephony.

  18. Evaluated a library management software vendor’s products, organization and software development and delivery methods.

Would you like to know more? We’d be happy to put you in touch with our clients to give you a first hand account of how we’ve helped them protect their technology investment.

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