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Protect Your Technology Investment

Do Diligence® Partners provides Technology Due Diligence Services in support of investments and acquisitions by equity firms, venture capitalists, and corporations.

For more than 20 years firms have relied on Do Diligence® Partners to conduct more than 400 technology evaluations for deals ranging from $2M to more than $2B.

The Do Diligence® Partners' value proposition is built upon fundamentals that clients have enjoyed since our inception:

  • Accurate and timely analysis of software, the teams who build, test, and support the software, the engineering practices they employ, infrastructure and operations that support hosted services, and customer satisfaction and intentions
  • A combination of objective metrics and subjective judgment that comes from decades of hands-on experience in successful commercial software companies
  • A comparative database that supports benchmarking against a wide range of companies and technologies
  • A range of services, from a three-day review to a comprehensive investment evaluation, each one tailored to each unique situation

As a result, our clients are able to avoid costly mistakes, negotiate favorable valuations, and achieve excellent Return on Investment.