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Protect Your Technology Investment

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Investors, Private Equity and Corporate Business Development Executives rely on our Technology Due Diligence service to learn the strengths and risks of a company‚Äôs technology assets as part of a comprehensive investment or acquisition decision-making process. Once the decision has been made to invest, many of these clients rely on our Technology Improvement Assistance services to help guarantee their new partners’ success.

Technology Due Diligence
Provides an objective assessment of the quality and viability of the products, people, processes, patents, partners and customer satisfaction with e-commerce, software, and technology services companies.

See our Technology Due Diligence details page for more information on this service.

Technology Improvement Assistance
A range of custom-tailored services designed to take advantage of the extensive management and technology experience and expertise of the Do Diligence® team to strengthen software quality, delivery, maintenance and support through improvements in management, staffing, technical implementation, technology processes, and procedures.

See our Technology Improvement Assistance details page for more information on this service.
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