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Protect Your Technology Investment

The Team
We are proud to present The Team at Do Diligence® Partners, a group of seasoned professionals that include experienced technology executives and expert technologists.

President: Tom McKittrick
Vice President Technology Services: Jim Cook
Vice President Consulting Services: Richard Zulch

Senior Consultant: George Bergeris

Tom Mckittrick Tom McKittrick (Full Bio)

During more than 40 years in the software industry, Tom McKittrick has concentrated on the development, delivery, support, management, and promotion of technology solutions. Over the past 20 years, he has focused that rich experience helping investors and corporations make smarter investment decisions, and working with them to help those investments succeed.
Jim Cook Jim Cook (Full Bio)
Vice President Technology Services

Jim Cook brings more than 35 years of technology evaluation, design, and implementation experience to his role as VP, Technology Services for Do Diligence® Partners, Inc. where he has conducted more than 100 technology evaluations. He has enjoyed exceptional success working with technical and senior management in Fortune 1000 corporations and major software firms to evaluate software products and organizations, and to conceive, design, develop, and deploy industrial-strength Information Technology solutions.
George Bergeris George Bergeris (Full Bio)
Senior Consultant

George Bergeris is a seasoned software industry executive with over 30 years software delivery and IT operations experience in companies ranging in size from startups to global enterprises. George specializes in directing commercial software engineering organizations focused on the global software market, managing local and off-shore development organizations, and implementing effective software engineering processes and procedures that support the entire software engineering lifecycle.
Richard Zulch Richard Zulch (Full Bio)
Vice President Consulting Services

Richard Zulch brings over 30 years experience in product architecture, design, and development to his role as Senior Consultant for Do Diligence® Partners. His two decades of creating commercial data protection products have led to a deep understanding of what it takes to create practical reliable systems in an unreliable world.
The Team

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