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The Team | George Bergeris
George Bergeris

George Bergeris is a seasoned software industry executive with over 30 years software delivery and IT operations experience in companies ranging in size from startups to global enterprises. George specializes in directing commercial software engineering organizations focused on the global software market, managing local and off-shore development organizations, and implementing effective software engineering processes and procedures that support the entire software engineering lifecycle.

George brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the Do Diligence® team, including:

  • Business management of technical alliances and product acquisitions
  • Technology due diligence associated with acquisitions and investments
  • Establishing product strategy based on market and customer requirements
  • Establishing, Improving and institutionalizing Agile Iterative commercial software engineering practices, which include:
    • Product requirements specification and detailed software design that reflect business needs and practical technology innovation,
    • Development methodologies that result in predictable, on-time delivery of high quality software,
    • Quality Assurance processes that are integrated into the software development lifecycle, from requirements specification through coding and automated testing,
    • Integrated customer support, problem tracking and source control processes, and
    • Effective software configuration management and automated build procedures.
  • Establishing and managing off-shore and outsourced development services, which include:
    • Product maintenance and support,
    • New feature development and platform porting, and
    • Development of custom product features
  • Implementation of Mobile centric information solutions used to collect, analyze and communicate in the global Mobile marketplace
  • Definition and operation of managed software service operations (ASP, SaaS)
  • Experience with a complete range of company sizes and cultures, from startups through corporations
  • Comprehensive knowledge of a variety of computing environments, and
  • Broad base of technical skills with specific experience in Java J2EE and Microsoft .Net Web application architecture as well as C/C++ client server based applications
The Team

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