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The Team | Jim Cook
Jim Cook
Jim Cook was responsible for creating the Technology Due Diligence Methodology that today guides our architecture and design analyses and for developing some of the original tools used to support our comparative metrics analyses. He is also the primary author of DDP’s software security assessment methodology. He leads and participates in the delivery of all these services and has conducted nearly 200 evaluations for Do Diligence Partners. In more than 40 years in the business, Jim has enjoyed exceptional success working with both technical and senior management in organizations ranging from early-stage startups to Fortune 1000 companies to conceive, design, develop, and deploy industrial-strength information technology solutions. As a consultant to major software vendors and private equity firms, he has conducted numerous software product and organizational evaluations for mergers, acquisitions, and competitive positioning. Jim has extensive technical experience in software architecture, system design, big data technologies, graphical user interface/user experience (UI/UX) design, API design and deployment, and numerous related technologies.

Jim's broad range of experience includes:
  • Conducted a comprehensive evaluation of NASDAQ’s systems, technology, and capacity pursuant to a directive from the Securities and Exchange Commission.

  • Developed requirements and preliminary software designs for a dealer sales system for Freightliner Corporation. This project included B-to-B and B-to-C e-commerce strategies and complex product configuration.

  • Defined a new, business-value based software pricing strategy for Tivoli Systems, a subsidiary of IBM.

  • Conceived, designed and managed the development of a major product for Hewlett Packard’s OpenView Software Division.

  • Provided product design, development, and marketing consulting services to Legent Corporation, a large software company.

  • Managed performance and capacity planning, storage management, operations support, operating systems, workload management, and chargeback for Carter, Hawley, Hale Stores, a major retailer.

  • Developed the IT cost allocation and chargeback strategy for Bell Atlantic to meet FCC requirements resulting from the breakup of the Bell System.

  • Developed performance analysis and tuning strategies and capacity planning methods and practices for large-scale communications networks. This work was performed for NCR Comten, a major vendor of communications networking equipment and involved extensive data collection, analysis, and forecasting for numerous clients.

Jim founded Software Productions to offer software product design, development, and technical marketing services to established software vendors. Previously, Jim founded Data Strategies, Systems Management Consultants to bridge the gaps between enterprise business management and information systems' technical management. Earlier in his career, he served as Senior Manager of Support Services (Information Systems Division) at Carter Hawley Hale Stores and first as Senior Systems Engineer and later Manager of Measurement Applications Development for NCR Comten.

Jim has presented seminars on IT financial management for Technology Transfer Institute in the U.S. and Jaguara, Ltd. in Europe. He is a frequent speaker at industry gatherings including: the Computer Measurement Group annual conference, IBM's SHARE user?s group, HP's OpenView Universe, International Computer Negotiation?s conferences, and the Association for Data Processing Financial Management conferences.

Jim holds a BS in Physics from Illinois State University. He is an Associate of the Insurance Institute of America, a Member of the IT Financial Management Association, and a past Management and Financial Subject-Area Chair for the Computer Measurement Group.

The Team

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