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The Team | Tom McKittrick
Tom Mckittrick

During more than 40 years in the software industry, Tom McKittrick has concentrated on the development, delivery, support, management, and promotion of technology solutions. Over the past 20 years, he has focused that rich experience helping investors and corporations make smarter investment decisions, and working with them to help those investments succeed. As founder and President of Do Diligence® Partners, Inc., he leads and participates directly in engagements for the Corporate, Equity Investor, and Venture Capital communities. McKittrick has conducted technology due diligence reviews of hundreds of software companies seeking investments of $2M to more than $2B. In addition, he has consulted to companies ranging from start-ups to Fortune 50 giants, providing evaluation, software product management, development management, process reengineering, and application software requirements and design services.

Prior to forming Do Diligence® Partners in 1996, McKittrick founded McKittrick Consulting Services in 1989, providing software management, development, promotion, and evaluation services to technology companies. It was during this time frame that McKittrick developed the Software Technology Due Diligence Methodology for a major systems software development company, a document that provided that company with a clear road map for conducting subsequent technology due diligence. It was the process embodied in this document, augmented with experiences from subsequent due diligence assignments at this and other companies that formed the basis for Do Diligence® Partners.

Earlier in his career, McKittrick played a significant role in the formation, growth, and success of Morino Associates, later Legent Corporation. Starting as its first employee in 1973, McKittrick occupied roles as software developer, development manager, software division manager, and product manager. Beginning in the early 1980s, as part of a wide range of responsibilities, McKittrick became a key player in the Merger & Acquisition activities of Morino and Legent. Prior to Morino, McKittrick was a software designer and developer at IBM, the U.S. Navy, and Pace Applied Technologies.

The Team

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