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The Team | Richard Zulch
Richard Zulch

Richard Zulch has performed more than 60 detailed architecture and design analyses for Do Diligence Partners in the 15 years he has been associated with the company. In addition, he has designed and developed numerous sophisticated tools that are critical to DDP providing the high quality comparative metrics analyses we are known for.

Richard Zulch has been immersed in the computer industry for over 30 years, with deep experience in software and hardware, and a broad background in the business of technology. Richard has been responsible for technology and products used by millions of people over the course of more than 100 product releases. He understands the issues involved with creating innovation, encapsulating it in a product, getting it out the door, finding and delighting customers, obtaining revenue, building the business, and doing it all again better, faster, and more efficiently than the competition.

Richard founded Zulch Laboratories Inc., a research and development company that creates innovative lighting control technology for the entertainment industry. He also conducts in-depth technology evaluations as a valued member of the Do Diligence Partners team.

Prior to Zulch Laboratories, Richard was Vice President in the software group at storage leader EMC. Richard joined EMC as the result of their acquisition of Dantz Development Corporation, where he was chairman, CTO, and co-founder. Dantz developed and published the critically-acclaimed Retrospect family of backup software available in six languages for Windows, Macintosh, and UNIX computers. During its two decades Dantz products won numerous industry awards and generated aggregate sales exceeding $100,000,000 across more than 50 countries around the world.

Earlier in his career, Richard designed and developed firmware for the Hewlett-Packard 4953A protocol analyzer, provided hardware and software consulting, and created microprocessor-based instrumentation for diverse applications such as phototypesetting and precision retinal cell stimulation for ophthalmology research.

Richard's specialties include the following:

  • Engineering analysis of problems, architectures, interfaces, and topologies
  • Software design, algorithm development, functional and procedural programming
  • Signal processing, simulation, computer algebra, and mathematical analysis
  • 2D and 3D graphics, data visualization, and color management
  • Electronic and PCB design, parametric CAD, CAM, and machining
  • Embedded systems, microprocessors, and firmware
  • Electronic and PCB design, parametric CAD, CAM, and machining
  • Product design, feature sets and user interfaces
  • Reliable systems, design for reliability, failure prediction, fault analysis
  • Technology assessment, including language/framework/component choices
  • Product development, team management, tools, systems, and life cycles
  • Strategic planning and team building
  • Patent and trade secret analysis and optimization
  • Networking, storage systems, formats/protocols, concurrency, object systems, localization, portability, scalability, device drivers, compilers, and OS internals

Richard is a member of the ACM and IEEE professional organizations, recipient of the 2013 IEEE-USA Entrepreneur Achievement Award, recipient of the 1997 Macworld Lifetime Achievement Award, and a guest lecturer at the University of California at Santa Barbara where he received his 1982 Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering. He has been awarded eleven US Patents.

The Team

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